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Extruded Road Markings
Extruded Road Markings
N4 Junction 14
Extruded Road Markings at Night

Extrusion applied reflectorised thermoplastic road markings are available in various levels of Luminance, Skid Resistance & Reflectivity.

Extrusion materials are thermoplastics, which possess higher viscosities than spray plastic materials.

The application to the road surface is achieved by using an auger or a thermoplastic pump to force hot thermoplastic material through an opening in a heated extrusion mould.

Product Description

Extrusion thermoplastic product consists of a mixture of light coloured aggregates, pigment and extender bound together with a thermoplastic binder system.

The exact composition of an Extrusion thermoplastic grade will depend on the specification requirements, and is designed that when in a molten state, it can be extruded onto the road surface to give an even line of good definition.

In order to give good drainage characteristics, a drainage channel may be incorporated into the line at predetermined intervals.

Immediately following application of the line, a surface application of solid glass beads to IS EN 1423 or equivalent shall be applied at a typical rate of 450 g/m2 by an applicator gun attached to the spray machine.
Lines are tack free within 1 minute at an ambient air temperature of 15°C.


This process employs a mechanically propelled vehicle. The Extrusion process utilises an auger or pump from a thermostatically controlled tank to extrude the hot thermoplastic through a gate opening set to produce a line of pre-selected thickness of material onto the road surface. Glass beads are automatically applied to the molten line. For more details refer to our Thermoplastic Extrusion Method Statement & Risk Assessment.
Recommended Thickness 2.0 – 4.25 mm.


A high output marking for traffic delineation, advisory markings and mandatory markings on all categories of roads. Extrusion is generally used on new road construction projects, asphalt, tarmacadam and surface dressed roads.


  • Immediate retro reflectivity
  • Durable thermoplastic and long lasting.

Compliance with IS EN 1436 & IS EN 1871.

Technical Properties

Property Class Value Class Value
Retroreflectivity - dry R2 100 mcd R1 80 mcd
Skid resistance S2 50 SRT min S2 50 SRT min
Luminance on road B3 0.40 min B2 0.30 min
Application Temp °C 170 - 190
Flash Point °C > 230
Density (g/cm³) 1.9 – 2.1
Application Speed km/h 4 - 7